Beautiful Chaos Pt1

The creation of woman was beautiful, messy, and chaotic. She is part of another while the body that creates a new. She is all things.

Lust Or Torment $1,300
Lust Or Torment

It’s Simpatico

Her Beginnings 2

Limited Prints Gallery
Every little girl is a princess


The legendary and forever talented Erykah Badu

This is America

Commission piece

A collage of clients photos of grandchildren dedicated to love and simple pieces from children’s bible stories.

SOLD Oil Painting
Temptation (Her beginnings series)

$400 32 x 24 Oil Painting
Bend to Passion

SOLD Oil Painting
My Sister’s Keeper

I walked in and there they were in perfect peace then suddenly my niece opened her eyes as I tried to capture the moment. The feeling was of family and that knowing of protection, peace… keeper…the gaze in her eyes…. I snapped the picture and she closed them back.

Ink and Pencil
Bio Girl Pt1

Ink and Pencil
Bio Girl Pt 2

Water color and pencil
Holiday Soul

Pencil and Digital
Mother’s Day dedication

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